If you want to foil the car (Auto folieren), visit the TipTopCarbon website

TipTopCarbon is an online Shop That offers several products to protect your automobile from outside agents like dust, moisture, chemicals, sunrays, individual activities, etc., in shortit protects you from the weather.

Its own Automobile transparency (Autofolie), designed with Nano Technology, have an Extraordinary capability to protect the full body of the motor vehicle. We detail the capacities of furniture film (Möbelfolie) the 3 models of this adhesive picture (Klebefolie) provided by TipTopCarbon.

Skyfol® PPF paint protective Films repel water and safeguard your car’s paint from surface scrapes. It has got the capacity of self healing once the scrape does not pass the film coat; the scratches disappear mechanically.
Skyfol® PPF Nano along with PPF Nano Satin have a normal to moderate resistance; they could protect the vehicle from scrapes of rock shavings and tree branches. Its efficacy is contrary to light and moderate scrapes; your self-healing time takes a few hours. Scratches are now not observable.
The ambient temperatures plays with an Important role in the selfhealing period with the sheet. Mildly significant temperatures will be required. If you want the scratch to disappear in less time, then you’re able to manually apply heat through a drier or a vaporizer.

The Skyfol® PPF Nano Rapid paint Protection sheet includes a stronger resistance as it has a thicker coating. It might absorb much deeper scratches. The self-healing with this sheet will be in seconds and does not require specific weather requirements , protects your vehicle against dirt and damage.
Other features of these Automobile Protection sheets are as follows:

• They offer exceptional preservation of paint gloss and cannot be observed once installed.
• They’re easy to clean since They’re resistant to dirt and also repel water
• They’re durable and can withstand the Elements for a long time
• Its transparent layer of special lacquer doesn’t allow dirt such as water and sand to penetrate the top layer of the film.
• Its self healing process removes all types of scratches on the car body. The paint onto your own car will always look like new.

If You Wish to Foil the automobile (Auto folieren), visit the TipTopCarbon website and get the picture of your choice.

Posted on February 1, 2020